Story Based Publishing

Formulate your content in the form of short stories and publish them efficiently in real-time.

Multiple template

Present your information in different and unique styles with the help of different templates.


Proficient management of users and their groups

User Roles

User and group based permission system to make sure only the required information is available to the user  


Audit logs about customer usage and preferences help you monitor their behaviour and interest


Software as a Service and cloud based deployment


Easy to customize as per enterprise branding

Web Services

Readily available web services for consumption on any platform like web and mobile

Social Share

Share information on social platforms like Facebook, Twitter and Google +


iPublisher is more than CMS; this user friendly, multi device content publishing platform has changed the scenario of content publishing. It offers the freedom to creatively present niche content in various intuitive ways through various unique templates comes with it. This also enables you to enrich the content by text, images, video, and interactivity, the content once iPublished works beautifully across phones, tablets, and PCs.

With increased digital adoption only personalized targeting can stand out and we are proud to share that iPublisher not only publish the content but also monitors everything. It’s easy to get insight into how, where, and when your content is being used, it also collect and measure what people are reading on the web or in an app. With such user behaviour and reading pattern analysis, the publisher/content owner can do more personalized user need/interest based targeting via niche content.

With iPublisher, we have digitized the presence of various media houses and other industries with specific content distribution needs like digital coupon, m-catalogue, document publishing, sales manuals etc. So revolutionize the way you create, publish and distribute the content in your industry for internal or external publication… with iPublisher the content speaks loud yet looks more beautiful.

iPublisher transforms the way you manage and present your content across various platforms & devices to lower on-going publishing costs. It helps to open new sustainable revenue channels through advertising and instantly direct potential customers to your content

Catch the attention of your customers with iPublisher’s exceptional niche content publishing platform!!!!

Key Benefits

Key Benefits


Being future focused technology company, Emorphis keeps on innovating around digital publishing and envisioned a smart story based publishing platform iPublisher. It gives new life to the static content and uplift the overall appearance of the story drastically. iPublisher is a subsidiary of Emorphis Technologies. Emorphis delivers best-of-breed solution with inclination towards innovation in motion. Our vision at Emorphis is to make a valuable addition to people’s lives with whatever we do. Whether it is related to building solutions, creating products or employing people, our ultimate objective is to enrich the way our customers do business.


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